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How PJ Websites Helps Improve Your Business

Beautiful Design

We’ll create a site you can show off! Your website will attract visitors and convert them to leads!

Better Profits

Our low-cost websites pay for themselves! Get your premium site today for a super sweet price.

Simple Pricing

All of our website packages are available on low-cost monthly plans with minimal setup fees!

Make Your Online Presence Stand Out

How PJ Websites Stand Out From Others


Really Simple Onboarding


Dedicated Project Manager


Website In As Soon As 30 Days


Low Cost Monthly Payment Plans


Content Updates Included


Maintenance Included

Start Growing
Your Business

Fully Managed Websites From Just

$99 Asset 10 /month

Always Here For You

Being a business owner is never easy! Especially for companies who are struggling online.

I know how hard you have to work to succeed. I started PJ Websites to support businesses and their ever changing online needs.

Our service will help free up your time to do what you do best! The strategic value we offer is creating affordable and beautiful websites that are built to convert traffic into new customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Website Cost?

We’ve created a pricing plan to spread your investment over a 2 year period to help you get online faster.

Our affordable packages are made available to you for as little as $99 a month.

Ok sure, that sounds good, but how much are your setup fees? Depending on your package, they start from only $499.

Commencement of your monthly plan will begin 30 days after your initial setup payment. To get started today, contact us and we’ll help you select the best package for your needs.

How Long Does It Take To Build My Website?

Once your onboarding is complete, we can have your website live in as little as 30 days. We aim to launch your fully functioning website as fast as possible while including all the awesome features chosen. Other web design agencies may leave you hanging for many months at a time, we know the sooner your website is up, the faster you can make sales. Larger packages and add-on services may extend the initial start up of your project, we are happy to discuss your project to confirm the expected launch time. The commencement of your monthly plan will not begin until your website goes live. 

What If I'm Not Satisfied With PJ Websites?

When it comes to unique designs, we will ask you to provide three websites that you absolutely love, so we know the style you are looking for with your site. This helps us design a website that is just the way you would like it. In some cases, the first delivery we send you may not be exactly what you had hoped for. In this rare case, we invite you to be as blunt and picky as you can with providing us feedback. Yes, we want you to critique our design as much as possible, becuase we want you to have an AMAZING website. We’ll provide lots of revisions to you as well, ensuring you we won’t stop perfecting your site until it is exactly the way you like. We want our clients to be thrilled with their completed projects, and be proud to tell the world about it. 

Is SEO Included In My Website?

It sure is! All of our websites are built with WordPress, a super solid foundation for optimising your content. We will then implement SEO strategies needed to give your website a great head start. Our on-page SEO will include the use of optimised heading tags, URL structures, title tagging, meta descriptions, and a whole lot more.

We will optimise your images, create a sitemap and send your site to Google for indexing as well as protect your site with an SSL certificate. Professional content copywriting is an available option for you as well.

All of these strategies are critical for starting your SEO off right! The awesome part is all of this is included for free in any package.

Do I Own The Website?

Yes you do!

We don’t hold anyone to ransom in order to continue using your website. Once you have completed the full term of your website contract, the website is all yours.

You can then choose to host, manage, and maintain the website on your own or leave it with us and continue our website management services after your 2 years of free management is over.

If you do want to leave sooner and not take advantage of our free security and content updates, you can simply pay out the remaining term of your contract and be on your way.

Do You Provide The Media?

We sure can! We have access to a MASSIVE library of photos and video. If there’s anything we don’t have, we will go looking through our various stock photography networks that we subscribe to so you don’t have to and see if we can find the content you need.

Do You Provide The Copywriting?

Yes, most of our clients hire us to write the content for their projects. Our copywriting is optimised for SEO and will be written to highlight your company in the best way possible. Not all pages on your website will need professional copywriting. Any that you would like us to write for you, we can do for $149 per page one off fee.

I Have A Different Question

No problem at all, we are here to answer all of your questions. 

Chat With Us

Analysis of Competitors Websites

  • List of competitors
  • Snippets of competitors
  • We provide recommendations for text copy based on the analysis of competitors websites

Essential Landing Page Elements

  • “Buy” or “Order” button
  • Any advertising on the page
  • Basket on the top of the document
  • Business Hours
  • Calculator
  • Compare with similar items
  • Facebook URL
  • Frequently bought together
  • Google Maps
  • In stock
  • Instagram URL
  • Linkedin URL
  • Live chat
  • New products
  • Payment methods
  • Pinterest URL
  • Price
  • Price list
  • Product feedbacks
  • Product photo
  • Protection with HTTPS protocol
  • Shipping Details and Information
  • Similar/Related items
  • Twitter URL
  • Video
  • Youtube URL

Domain Information

  • Domain Age
  • Domain expiration date (Not available for .au)
  • Website hosting
  • Hosting region
  • IP of the site
  • The number of sites with the same IP
  • NS Records
  • Favicon

Check Your Search Rankings

  • Site positions in Google around the world (+1)
  • All Locations & Languages
  • Country, city or region levels
  • We check local rankings where it matters most
  • High-precision analysis
  • Check search positions in several regions at the same time
  • Monitor the dynamics of search rankings (+1)
  • Available position archive
  • Download position lists in XLS format for selected period
  • Desktop and mobile rankings
  • Top 50 or 100 results

User Metrics

  • Google Analytics
  • Drawing charts
  • % of Bounce Rates
  • View depth of the site
  • Average session time
  • Number of visitors
  • Mobile devices: traffic, bounce rates, visit time (+4)
  • Visits from sources with traffic and bounce rates (+2)
  • Information on the pages with traffic and level of bounce rates (+2)
  • Visits from cities with traffic and bounce rates (+2)
  • Visits from search engines with traffic and bounce rates (+2)
  • Key phrases with bounce rates and traffic from search results (+2)
  • List of all search requests that people used to find your site for one-year period
  • Pages without traffic

Keyword Characteristics

  • Number of main pages in TOP10
  • A list of relevant landing pages
  • The optimal click depth of a landing page
  • Latent semantics (LSI)

On-Page SEO Recommendations

  • Keyword clustering
  • Check landing page relevance
  • Find correct landing page
  • Find the optimal level of the page
  • On-page SEO recommendations
  • Optimal text length
  • Keyword in the main text (+2)
  • Keyword in TITLE (+2)
  • Keyword in DESCRIPTION (+2)
  • Keyword in H1 (+2)
  • Latent semantics (LSI) on the page
  • Number of relevant pages on the site
  • TF-IDF calculation for text in BODY, TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1 (+4)
  • Estimate the level of the page optimisation

Full SEO Audit

  • Probable Affiliates Check
  • Text Quality Optimisation Test
  • Check for Plagiarism (unoriginal copy)
  • Snippets in Google
  • Number of internal links to landing pages
  • Number of duplicate links on the page
  • Links to other sites
  • Over-spamming in the text
  • Over-spamming in META tags and H1 (+3 factors)
  • Excessive use of bold type
  • Multiple use of the same word in the sentence
  • Multiple use of bigrams in the text and META tags
  • Multiple use of trigrams in the text and META tags
  • Excessive use of headers
  • Skinny pages (with small text)
  • Pages without outgoing internal links
  • Check landing page relevance
  • Pages closed from indexing
  • TITLE = H1
  • H1 = H2, H3, H4
  • TITLE duplicates
  • DESCRIPTION duplicates
  • Not filled TITLE, DESCRIPTION (+2)
  • Number of indexed pages in Google (+2)
  • Pages closed from indexing in Robots, noindex, nofollow, rel = canonical (+4)
  • Landing pages in the sitemap.xml
  • Non-indexed landing pages
  • Landing pages URLs history
  • Adult content
  • Swear words and profanity

Technical Audit

  • Errors 403, 404
  • Errors 500, 503, 504
  • Not Responding pages
  • Critical HTML errors
  • W3C HTML Validator
  • Multiple redirects
  • Lost images
  • Lost JS
  • Lost CSS
  • Lost files
  • Multiple TITLE tags
  • Multiple DESCRIPTION tags
  • Multiple KEYWORDS tags
  • Multiple H1 tags
  • Pages with rel = “canonical”
  • Common Duplicate Content Issues: www. vs non-www. and http vs https versions of URLs
  • Correct 404 status code header
  • Duplicate pages
  • Mobile HTML optimisation
  • HTML size optimisation
  • Page speed time
  • Large pages
  • 3 types of Sitemap.xml errors (+3)
  • 27 types of Robots.txt errors (+27)
  • Tag Length: TITLE, DESCRIPTION, H1 (+3)
  • SSL Certificate Checker (+7)
  • Check if the Domain or IP is Blacklisted
  • Pages with program’s error messages
  • Check a website response from User-agent
  • Test the availability of your website from locations worldwide
  • Test the website for Cloaking
  • Test if some search engine is blocked by the website
  • Check a website response from mobile
  • 3 types of External files. (+3)

Submission received, thank you!

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