3 x Website Marketing Mistakes You Absolutely Need To Avoid!

On January 21, 2021

Mistake 1: Not Publishing Enough Content

When it comes to running a new website, one of the biggest mistakes I see most beginners make is just not being consistent enough. Maybe you’re not seeing the results you need or you’re just getting a little bit bored with having to produce content all the time. Whatever it is, a lot of people abandon projects and they just don’t publish content regularly enough. You have to be really careful about consistency and make sure you’re publishing some content at least once every month.

Mistake 2: Not Promoting Your Content

I see a lot of people make the mistake of not promoting their content enough, or at all.

It’s really easy to sit behind a laptop and just write new articles and publish content, it’s quite a comfortable position to be in, sitting back on the pool deck with the laptop. When it comes to reaching out to your niche or to other businesses, it can become a little more uncomfortable for a lot of people. They therefore don’t promote their content as well as they could do. In fact some of the best marketers in the world actually spend only 20% of their time creating content and then the other 80% of that time is spent on promoting it and getting it out there. So people can actually read and benefit from it.

Mistake 3: Give Up Creating Content

Some people are excited at the start and post 10 or 20 pages or articles on their website within just a few weeks, to only give up 4 weeks into the project.Then they turn around and ask “Why am I not getting any traffic from Google?”. The problem is that you should be aiming to have like 100+ pages/posts on your site.

10 or 20 pages just isn’t going to cut it, even 50 isn’t that many really. You have to build out a whole website properly before you can even expect any traffic. You have to be very careful about the quality of your content. Is it engaging? Is it better than your competitors? Is it answering a problem? How long is the content? These are all things you should take into account when it comes to content. Not just the quantity of the content you post, but also the quality has to be consistent too.

Paul Johnson

I am the founder of PJ Websites. I have been developing websites since the year 2000. I'm where the PJ comes from.

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